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About Us

The Origin of LeNäts

Designer Nathaniel Jones invented and developed LeNät through many years of research. The name for his creation was originally a play on his name, Nat. He put a German umlaut over the "a" to change the pronunciation to "ah" as in "knot." As he discovered all the possibilities for creative designs with the garment, just using knots, Nathaniel realized his product was beyond anything that had ever been done before -- it was not according to standards (NATS). So Nathaniel started his company with the name Näts, for "knots," "not according to standards," and "Nathaniel."

Meet the Staff

Nat Headshot.jpg

Nathaniel Jones, Inventor / Designer

Nathaniel was a family man in upstate New York before coming up with the LeNät fashion concept. He sought to make every woman's wardrobe wish come true: a single garment that could make her stylish in any fashion situation by transforming into a multitude of tops, headwraps -- and even swimwear. He hopes to make his revolutionary "not according to standard" product a worldwide reality.

Eric square headshot.jpg

Eric Vogelvang, Creative Director

Inspired to be a filmmaker by the movie, Jaws, Eric Vogelvang started his own multimedia production business, Eric Vogelvang Enterprises, in 1976 in the largest backlot in California, the city of Orange. Since then, E.V.ENT. has grown from a boy's dream to a full-fledged production company involved with all aspects of the entertainment industry's needs. Eric has partnered with Nathaniel as a photographer, videographer and graphic designer on LeNät and other projects.

aileen 2018 sq hdsh.jpg

Aileen Vogelvang, Operations Director

Aileen's long administrative career in the corporate world has spanned over 20 years. She has worked for Google, Johnson & Johnson, and Western Digital. After marrying Eric Vogelvang, she met Nathaniel and began modeling some LeNäts. She also assisted with LeNät's first instructional video and helped design this website. She brings her business acumen to the LeNät team to support their operations. In her spare time, Aileen blogs, vlogs, and posts a lot on social media.

Kurtz headshot.jpg

Scott Kurtz, Master Photographer

Scott has been a professional photographer since 1996. He began his career after photographing a high school basketball game for Student Sports Magazine, a national HS sports publication. Since then his images have graced the covers of Sports Illustrated, Slam, Playboy, and FHM; and he has covered the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA and HS sports for ESPN. Scott met Nathaniel while covering a HS basketball game in 2006. Nathaniel introduced Scott to fashion photography, expanding his career to do fashion shoots around the world, including Paris, London, The Seychelles Islands, Jamaica, Hawaii, Tahiti, Philippines, and Maldives.

Kayla Hdshot.jpg

Kayla Steward, Executive Production Team

Kayla's passion has always been to be in arts and entertainment. As a child and growing adult in the theatre industry, it has been her dream to become an actress. After moving to California in 2015, she spent the next four years as a Broadcast student at CSUF. During those years, she met Nathaniel Jones and developed a new passion for fashion. The two worked together to modernize LeNät, with the help of Nicole Tumanyan, and have marketed it to what it is today. Kayla brings her sense of art and panache to LeNät. In her spare time, she streams video games on Twitch and is currently pursuing her acting career.

Nicole T.jpg

Nicole Tumanyan, Executive Production Team

Nicole grew up in the gymnastics world and enjoyed a successful competitive career before turning to teaching in 2016. Her love for exploring and trying new things jump-started her modeling career when she met Nathaniel Jones and Kayla Steward. Since then, she has developed a love for freelance modeling. Her devotion for success, exploration, and team-building has been a significant aid to LeNät. Her ultimate goal is to become a professional elite gymnastics coach and a professional model. In other words, "people's dreams have no end!"


Nichole Iron, Administrative Assistant / Secretary

Nichole has over 15 years experience in insurance and administration and over 7 years experience in the fashion industry. She met Nathaniel over 10 years ago and has been with LeNät ever since. She brings a lot of experience to the LeNät team and looks forward to what the future brings.


Ana Vidovic, Associate

Before working with LeNät, Ana earned a degree from Cal State Fullerton in Radio/TV/Film. She worked the Newport Beach Film Festival, the Bali Film Festival, and performed with the Bali circus doing aerial silks. She met Nathaniel 10 years ago and was impressed by how easily LeNät allows so many fashionable options from just a single garment. She hopes to make LeNät available to as many people as possible worldwide. In her spare time Ana teaches English, practices yoga, and hangs out at the spa.

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